Open the gateway to more sales with Avali Payments

Customers just love choice. And that includes a range of secure payment options. Avali unlocks the world of online sales to anyone with access to online banking. So now your customers can buy your products, request  services, donate to your cause, or book online direct from their bank account - no credit card required.


Payment guarantees

Avali works by acting as the bridge between your customer’s bank account and your own. We do this by operating secure trust accounts at major banks. So, when you receive an online order, we immediately check that a cleared payment has gone through. Then we send you a notification that guarantees that payment to you, so you can release the order. It’s that easy.


Same day/next day payments

Depending on your bank, your transactions will credit on the same day or next business day with Avali.


Lower fees

More competitive than a credit card gateway, our rates are aligned to your success. Contact us to find out more.


Security that the banks approve

Unlike other bank payment solutions, we don’t ask buyers to share their internet banking details with us, so we’re approved by leading banks. Buyers don’t need to register with us, and we don’t collect data about anything but the transaction itself. 


Protects you against card fraud

Whilst credit card details can be bought on the black market, cases of online banking fraud are much, much less common. With Avali, you can be sure that your online sales are legitimate.


Say goodbye to manual reconciliations

If you accept bank deposits now, you’ll know what a headache it can be to trawl through your bank statements and reconcile customer purchases. With Avali, your website can now track transactions from bank payments as easily as it does your card payments provider, so you can make manual bank reconciliations a thing of the past.


Straightforward integration

Two main options for technical integration mean that you can provide your users the payment experience you desire. Choose Avali Direct for full API access for a custom solution, or utilise our elegant and standardised Avali checkout experience with the drop-in Avali Simple. See an example here.


Get in touch

We're in limited release right now but we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us.