Sometimes, you need to secure your sale immediately - from buying a plane ticket online through to sending flowers or buying a car. At Avali we believe your ability to buy and sell goods instantly should not be dependent on your access to cash or an expensive credit card account. 


Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Avali was founded in 2014 by a team of technologists with a background in large scale, secure messaging systems. We identified that the principle barrier to instant sales from a bank account was the recipient’s immediate guarantee that the money was definitely on its way. So we developed a solution to this challenge; a solution that uses a mixture of existing, secure banking processes and smart messaging technology. 


We are committed to changing the payment landscape. Today we are offering you more freedom and choice in your online transactions in order to meet our increasing appetite for online retail. We believe that you should not feel forced to enter into costly credit card agreements or to accept transaction surcharges in order to access this exciting online marketplace. 


But eCommerce is is just the first step for Avali. We are already working on some exciting plans for mobile and shared payments.


Unlike other payment solutions, Avali does not require user registration, we do not access your bank account details, and we don’t record your personal information. This is why we are approved by leading New Zealand banks as the secure way to pay. Avali is a Registered Financial Services Provider and a member of the FSCL dispute resolution scheme.