For online shopping, booking or donations direct from your bank account, choose Avali - the secure payment service you can trust

Without using a costly credit card, making an instant online payment for some things can be a real pain. Bank clearance periods can be the difference between win and lose, ticket or no ticket, flowers on time - or late.

Avali bridges the instant payment gap. We do this by guaranteeing the payment between you and the merchant - just like a credit card company would. But we’re not a credit agency. We’re working with leading banks and providing a secure service that simply gives you access to your money exactly when you need it. So now, you have the power of a credit card - without the hefty fees.

Look for the Avali symbol when you shop online. It’s a New Zealand name you can trust.

For Buyers

Buy with Avali - direct payments as fast as a credit card, and free like cash

 - No more clearance delays - secure your purchases in an instant
 - Don’t share your login details with anyone else - simply make secure payments direct from your bank account   
 - Use your existing internet banking process
 - No fees, no fuss, no registration required
 - Easy to use - if you can use internet banking, you can use Avali

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For Merchants

Sell with Avali - as reliable as cash, as secure as a credit card

 - Easy to use
 - Risk free - receive payment confirmations in an instant
 - Next day payments direct to your bank account
 - Lower transaction rates
 - Save time on bank reconciliations

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No apps and no registration

If you can use online or mobile banking with one of our supported banks, you already have everything you need to pay with Avali. Simply add Avali to your list of regular payees, and that’s it! No registration, no PIN numbers or new passwords. Your payments are linked to the merchant transaction through a unique reference number for each purchase.


The safer way to pay

We’re approved by leading banks because, unlike other bank payment solutions, we don’t ask you to share your internet banking details with us. You don’t need to register and we cannot see your account. We don’t collect data about anything but the transaction itself. It’s as secure as any regular direct bank payment. 


Faster, secure payments

Avali acts as the payment bridge between your bank account and the merchant. We do this by operating secure trust accounts at both your bank and the merchants. So, when you place an order online, we use standard banking processes to check that your payment will clear. If it will, then we guarantee that payment to the merchant. It’s that easy. And it’s fast. With Avali, you can place your order immediately, and the merchant knows they will get paid. It’s a win-win situation!


Free to pay

If you don’t need to use a credit card, why would you? Avali can help you avoid costly credit card surcharges typically passed on by airlines and other merchants.


What can go wrong?

There’s very little that can go wrong with a direct payment. Really, it comes down to simple mistakes like mistyping the simple one-off transaction code. If that happens, simply contact us and we’ll sort it out for you. We’re based in Wellington, and we’re only a click away!


How about refunds?

Payments made with Avali are subject to the same refund processes as any direct payment from your account. If you require a refund for a purchase made through Avali, simply contact the merchant to arrange the refund directly. 

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A process that feels familiar, because it is...

The Avali Simple user interface is designed to guide our users confidently in making their payment depending on their chosen bank.

For all users it's the familiar path of making a bill payment on their own mobile device or internet banking, with nobody asking for their details and trying to do it for them.

It's important to us that we are constantly improving the experience for our users, because safer, faster and easier is always better.